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More than just numbers.

Measured and distilled properly, analytics can tell the story of your company’s progress toward reaching its goal. Our analytics team knows the best methods for tracking and measuring user behavior and engagement on your website, determining what pages customers go to and what captures their interest. They can even pinpoint the exact page where customers are dropping out of the sales funnel on your website and provide you with actionable steps to take to help reverse this trend and ultimately increase your conversions.

Monthly dashboard sessions.

We will present these insights and recommendations to you in monthly dashboarding sessions. These sessions give us the opportunity to continually evolve our strategy, ensuring every action we take is governed by measurable data and strategically designed to bring us one step closer to achieving your goals. Put the numbers and measurements to work for you, and let us start translating them into the story of your success.

Analytics Capabilities.

Metrics & Analysis 
Executive Summary
Competitive Analysis
Detailed Reporting
Website Activity Reporting

Engagement Reporting
Data strategy
Brand & Social Analytics
Data visualization
Platform implementation

Data Mining
Data Modeling
Machine Learning & AI
Data Monetization
Usability Testing