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Lori Rowan

Lori Rowan is a senior executive recruiter based in Tulsa, OK. When she made the move to open her own shop, Lori needed a partner to help turn her formidable personality into a brand capable of shaking up a buttoned-down industry.

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A Relationships Business

Starting a business is hard. Starting a business on your own is much harder. That’s why when Lori Rowan decided to establish an executive search firm, she came to Cosby Harrison Marketing in search of an agency that could act as a partner.

Becoming the Brand

Lori spent years building her name as a recruiter. Although she approached us with a business name in mind, the strength of our partnership with Lori allowed us to suggest building the brand around her name and hard-earned reputation and using her personal social media accounts to promote her new business.

Be the Change

The recruiting space isn’t known to let its hair down. Lori wanted to shake up the market with a brand that matched her vibrant personality. Our designers delivered sleek and sexy branding that set Lori apart in her industry and, more importantly, delivered results.

Her Words. Not Ours.

"You guys killed it on my website! It’s sexy, simple and has an awesome flow! Thank you to the Cosby Harrison team, for partnering with me, understanding the look I was targeting, and delivering a site beyond my expectations!"